ref. 1489

P. Mazaroz

(attributed to)

Neo-Pompeian Salon

Circa 1860

Height : 210 cm (82,7 in.) ; Width : 120 cm (47,2 in.)

Rare neo-Pompeian salon composed of two armchairs, two chairs and a wooden mirror embellished with a gilded decor on a black lacquered background. A patinated bronze wolf head tops the mirror, framed by gilded ivy garlands. Wolf heads and patinated wood winged lions adorn the chairs and armchairs, covered of red velvet. They rest on anterior lion feet.


Jean-Paul Mazaroz was a sculptor who began his career working for Ribaillier in the 1850’s. At the Universal Exhibition of 1855, Mazaroz exhibited several pieces of furniture himself. At this point, his success and popularity started to grow, particularly at the Universal Exhibitions of 1867 and 1878, where he won silver medals. The firm disappeared in 1890. 

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