ref. 1837

Pair of Silver Plates Domes Cover

Circa 1870

Silver – Minerva Hallmark – Total Weight: 1,425 kg

Engraved with the Charpin-Feugerolles coats of arms family, Counts of Souzy

Height: 14,5 and 13,5 cm (5,3 and 5,7 in.); Diameter: 20,5 cm (8,1 in.)

Pair of silver plates domes cover, the first with cauliflower au naturel as a handle, with the leaves spread out on the dome, the second with the grip depicting as an artichoke with slightly half-open leaves. The plate domes cover are engraved with a helmet crowning the coat of arms of the Charpin-Feugerolle family, Counts of Souzy, framed by two angels each holding a gonfanon; a motto unfolds below their feet on a phylactery.


Armorial général contenant la description des armories des familles nobles et patriciennes de l’Europe, Rietstap, 1861, Tome I, expanded and recast second edition.

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