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Ref. 1499 / 1453

G. Grohé


Outstanding Pair of Marqueterie Tables

Circa 1855

Marquetry, box tree, amaranth, ebony, yew, sycamore
Height: 73 cm (28,7 in.); Width: 75,5 cm (29,7 in.); Depth: 50 cm (19,6 in.)

Exceptional Louis XVI style marqueterie tables, opening with a frieze drawer, made in box tree, amaranth, ebony, yew, sycamore, with very fine chiseled ormolu mounts. The top is richly decorated with inlaid cross-bottonies ornaments executed with a great finesse and variety of woods; rimmed by a pierced ormolu gallery.


Guillaume Grohé (1808-1885) settled down in Paris in 1827 with his brother Jean-Michel and started a company making and selling furniture and art objects, which became famous very quickly. They took part in the 1834 “Exposition des Produits de l’Industrie Française”. In 1849 he was awarded the “Légion d’honneur” and later officer. His reputation is mainly based on a style furniture specialisation. He was one of the most well-known cabinet-makers at his time, providing King Louis-Philippe, Emperor Napoleon the IIIrd and Empress Eugénie, princes and princesses, even Queen Victoria in Great-Britain after 1862. He naturally participated in many different exhibitions and was jury member in Universal Exhibitions.

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