G.-F. Quignon

Gustave-Frédéric Quignon, born in 1843, worked with his father Napoléon Quignon, boulevard Richard-Lenoir. He took the lead in 1874 and expanded the production of the firm with other seats and pieces of furniture, but also with sculpture. Like his father before him, he produced richly carved and gilded Louis XV and Louis XVI style furniture, but also some Neo-Renaissance furniture. He became a supplier of the Mobilier National. He exhibited at the Universal Exhibition in 1878 and won a gold medal. He was a member of the jury at the Universal Exhibition in 1889. The same year, he relocated the firm rue de Saint-Sabin, where he worked until the end of the century. He participated to the French Exhibition of Moscow in 1891, next to H.Dasson and P.Sormani, and to the rapports sur l’Exposition Internationale de Chicago in 1893. He won the Grand Prix for his stand at the Universal Exhibition of 1900.