Thiébaut Frères

Henri-Léon Thiébaut (sometimes spelled Thiébault) was born in 1855 and died in 1899. He was a student of the sculptor Alexandre Lequien (1822-1905). As a bronze-caster, and sculptor, Henri-Léon Thiébaut produced bronze art pieces that he exposed at the “Salon” from 1878 to 1898. During the 1889 Paris Universal Exhibition where he exposed with his brother, the Maison Thiébaut Frères (Thiébaut Brothers) of world renown was in poll position. One can read in the catalogue of the Universal Exhibition : “the most difficult and ambitious works of art do not frighten them”, later in 1893 during the Chicago Universal Exhibition, their bronzes were described as “wonders of casting, chiselling and patina”.