Etienne de Lavallée

Etienne de Lavallée, called Lavallée-Poussin (1733-1793): first student of Jean-Baptiste Descamp (1714-1791) and Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre (1714-1789), painter of the King, Etienne de Lavallée studied then in 1762 at the Academy of France in Rome. It was during his stay in Italy he began painting landscapes for which he adopted a similar style to that of Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) which earned him the nickname “Lavallée-Poussin”. Continuing his life in Rome, he became a member of the Academy of the Arcades before returning to Paris in 1777. He participated then with Charles-Louis Clérisseau in the decoration of the Hotel Grimod de la Reynière for the arabesque decor of the “grand salon”; he also worked with the Gobelins tapestry manufacture to which he delivered tapestries cartoons on the theme of the story of Alexander and the conquest of India. In 1787, he published a Nouvelle collection d’arabesques propres à la décoration des appartements, a collection of 10 books of ornaments that had some success (reissued in 1806). Etienne de Lavallée was finally received at the Royal Academy of Painting at the end of his career in 1789.

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