C. Cumberworth

Charles Cumberworth (1811-1852) was the son of an English officer and a French mother, he arrived in Paris at an early age. Student of the sculptor James Pradier (1790-1852), he joined the School of Fine Arts in 1829 and won Rome Grand Prize in 1842, but he was disqualified because of was not of French nationality. Cumberworth exhibited at Paris Salons from 1833 to 1848, mostly busts of women and children as well as allegorical statues of classical style. He made the statues of Queen Marie-Amélie (1842) and the Duke of Montpensier (1847). As many artists, Charles Cumberworth signed a contract with the Susse brothers’ company, one of the greatest bronze editors-founders of the time, as early as 1837.

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