Hunting with Hounds

Circa 1950

Measures of one door : Height : 200 cm (78,7 in.) ; Width : 77 cm (30,3 in.) ; Depth : 5,5 cm (2,1 in.)

Rare set of four polychromed stained glass windows forming two double-doors in mahogany, and representing feudal hunting with hounds scenes.

The first pair represents on one side a rider rushing towards a boar trying to escape from dogs and on the other side a lady mounted side-saddle holding a hawk in her gloved hand while the piqueur sounds the horn. The second pair of stained glass depicts the pursuit of stags and ducks by the dog pack.

Since the Middle Ages, stained glass has been a decorative composition made up of several pieces of colored and painted glass assembled according to a design. The glass pieces are crimped in lead then the whole is held in place permanently thanks to the welds made at each intersection of the leads. Initially reserved for the decoration of churches, stained glass was then used private homes.

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