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Beautiful set of Four Armchairs « a chassis »

Circa 1880

Height : 99 cm (38,9 in.) ; Width : 64 cm (25,2 in.) ; Depth : 56 cm (22 in.)

Beautiful set of four Transition style armchairs « à la Reine » and « à châssis », in carved and gilded wood and decorated with a flowery lampas by the Maison Tassinari & Chatel, Lyon silk manufacturer. The rounded back and the curved belt are adorned with interlacing friezes. The whole rests on four console legs ending with a winding.

Related work

These armchairs are inspired by 6 armchairs stamped M. Gourdin, circa 1768. This set bear the crowned mark EU and the inventory numbers 8950 to 8954, for the Eu castle under Louis-Philippe. A bergère armchair bearing the same stamp is in the museum Sandelin in Saint-Omer.

Wallace Collection, Londres (Inv F 179)


Michel Gourdin (1724-1797), who was made maître menuisier in 1752, comes from a prestigious dynasty of menuisiers under the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI : his father, Jean (1690-1764), his brother Jean-Baptiste (1723-1781) and himself. The two brothers decided not to continue their father’s workshop but each one founded his own workshop, depeening their skills and specialities.

Among his famous customers, Marie-Josèphe of Saxe, the Marshal of Contades, the duchess of Charost and the marquis of Poyanne bought furniture from him.


Bill G.B. Pallot, L’Art du siège au XVIIIe siècle en Franc, A.C.R.-Gismondi Editeurs, 1987, p.177

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