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    Ref. 1456

    Bohemian crystal glassware

    Pair of sweetmeat vases

    Circa 1880
    Height. : 44 cm (17 in.1/3) ; Diam. : 19 cm (7 in.1/2)

    Ravishing pair of covered sweetmeat vases in Bohemian clear crystal suffused with amber, flared footed and slightly cup-shaped. The set is adorned with a rich wheel engraved decoration alternating between finely detailed floral patterns, pearl friezes and vegetal scrolls. The central part is embellished with a medallion that contains a complex rose and fern bouquet, framed by a cut diamond-shaped motif, also on the lid. The flared foot and the bottom of the vase as well as the handle of the lid are facetted.



    Bohemian crystal is a type of glass with a significant amount of lead oxide, as clear as rock crystal that produces a high quality crystal. In the course of the second half of the 14th century, the oldest Czech glassworks were manufacturing nearly pure crystal, with yellow and green reflections, as well as coloured glass, very popular during the Renaissance. Bohemia excelled in crystal manufacturing particularly in the 18th century through the creativity and the high-level qualification of the workers, leaving in the shade Venetian glassmakers who until then were unrivalled. Many of them came in Western Europe and brought their technics.


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