A Fine Pair of Dishes

A Fine Pair of Dishes

Fine Pair of Japanese Style Dishes France Circa 1875 Width: 15 x 15 cm (5,9 x 5,9 in.) Elegant pair…

Krieger <br/> Heart-shaped table

Heart-shaped table

Krieger Cabinet-maker (Attributed to) Heart-shaped table France Circa 1880 Height : 72 cm (28,3 in.) ; Width : 38 cm (15 in.)…

Illuminating Mirror <br/> “Byzance”

Illuminating Mirror

Illuminating Mirror Byzance France Patinated and gilt bronze, “Rosso Antico” marble, Lapis lazuli, Porphyry Height : 178 cm (69,6 in.) ;…

Baccarat <br/> « The Nave »

« The Nave »

Baccarat Crystal manufacture (attributed to) « The Nave» France Circa 1870 Crystal and gilt bronze Height : 80 cm (31,5…

Cardeilhac <br/> The “Chickadees” Clock

The “Chickadees” Clock

Cardeilhac Goldsmiths (19th Century) The “Chickadees” Clock Signed: Cardeilhac, Paris Orfèvre  Bonvallet, Dess. – Aiguier, Sc. – Viat, Cis. France Circa…

H. Dasson <br/> “Enfant Guerrier” Clock

H. Dasson
“Enfant Guerrier” Clock

H. Dasson Cabinet-maker & Bronze-caster (1825-1896) Important «Enfant Guerrier» Mantel Clock Signed and dated Henry Dasson 1877 France 1877 Height: 63 cm…

G.-F. Quignon <br/> Neo-Renaissance Cabinet

G.-F. Quignon
Neo-Renaissance Cabinet

G.-F. Quignon Cabinet-maker (1843-late 19th century) (attributed to) Neo-Renaissance Cabinet France Circa 1889 Presented at the Universal Exhibition of Paris…

Lerolle <br/> A “Four Seasons” Cabinet

A “Four Seasons” Cabinet

Lerolle Cabinet-maker (active circa 1880) H.-A. Fourdinois Cabinet-maker (1830-1907) (after) Remarkable Cabinet with the ‘Four Seasons’ Signed « Meubles D’Art,…

F. Barbedienne <br/> Magnificent Console

F. Barbedienne
Magnificent Console

F. Barbedienne Bronze caster (1810-1892) P. Dubois Sculptor (1829-1905) J.A.J. Falguière Sculptor (1831-1900) Magnificent Console France Circa 1880 Total height…

G. Raffaelli <br/> Center table

G. Raffaelli
Center table

G. Raffaelli Mosaicist (1753-1836) (attributed to) Center table France Circa 1825 Maple, amaranth, marble, pietre dure, micro-mosaic Height : 75…

Imari <br />Pair of large vases

Pair of large vases

“Imari” Arita Porcelain Pair of large porcelain vases Japan Late 19th century Height : 107 cm (42 in.) ; Diameter…

Tahan <br /> Travel casket

Travel casket

tahan Cabinet- & fine boxes maker (1813-1892) Remarkable travel casket Signed Tahan, Fr du Roi, à Paris France Circa 1860…

Gien <br />Jardiniere


Gien Earthenware Manufacture (19th century) Jardiniere Signed on the reverse, with the making mark of the manufacture Gien France Circa 1880…

Tahan <br /> Enameled bronze Casket

Enameled bronze Casket

Tahan Cabinet- & fine Boxes maker (1813-1892) An enameled bronze casket Signed Tahan, Boult des Italiens 11 France Circa 1870…



“Chinoiserie” French School Late 19th Century Oil on canvas Measurements with frame : Height : 94 cm (37 in.) ;…

Marnyhac<br />“African Venus”

“African Venus”

Marnyhac Bronze-caster (Active from 2nd part of 19th century) (attributed to) “African Venus” France Circa 1878 Height : 168 cm…

E. Cornu<br/>Neo-Greek jardiniere

E. Cornu
Neo-Greek jardiniere

E. Cornu Sculptor-ornemanist (1827-1899) (attributed to) A neo-Greek jardiniere France Circa 1870 Height : 37 cm (14,5 in.) ; Width…

Cardeilhac <br/> Jardinière


Cardeilhac Silversmiths (19th Century) Jardiniere Signed Cardeilhac, Paris France Circa 1860 Height : 10 cm (4 in.) ; Width :…

E. Picault<br />Neo-Greek gueridon

E. Picault
Neo-Greek gueridon

E. Picault Sculptor (1833-1915) A neo-Greek gueridon Signed E. Picault – Expon des Bx arts – 1863 French School Height…

Susse Frères<br />Pair of Vases

Susse Frères
Pair of Vases

Susse frères Bronze-caster (19th century) (attributed to) Pair of Aesthetic Movement vases France Circa 1880 Height : 22,5 cm (8,8…

G. Servant<br />Neo-Egyptian clock

G. Servant
Neo-Egyptian clock

G. Servant Bronze-caster (1828-c.1890) (attributed to) Neo-Egyptian clock France Circa 1870 Height : 56 cm (22 in.) ; Width :…

F. Linke<br />Thermometer Calendar

F. Linke
Thermometer Calendar

F. Linke Cabinet-maker and Bronze-caster (1855-1946) (attributed to) Thermometer and perpetual calendar France Circa 1880 Height : 90 cm (35,4…

C.G. Diehl<br />Neo-Greek inkwell

C.G. Diehl
Neo-Greek inkwell

J. Brandely Ornemanist (active from 1867 until 1873) C.G. Diehl Cabinet-maker (1811-1885) E. Frémiet Sculptor (1824-1910) A neo-Greek inkwell Signed…

E. Marsili<br />“Vocazione”

E. Marsili

E. Marsili Sculptor (1841-1926) “Vocazione” Signed E. Marsili and dated 1881 and Fon Papi e Frlli Galli – Pietro e…

A.A. Lesrel<br />“The musicians”

A.A. Lesrel
“The musicians”

A.-A. Lesrel Painter (1839-1929) “The musicians” Signed A.A. Lesrel and dated 1912 French School Oil on panel Measurements with frame…

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