ref. 617/8

P. Dubois


“Harlequin and Colombine”

Signed Dubois

French School
Circa 1880

Harlequin – Height : 85 cm (33,4 in.)
Colombine – Height : 83 cm (32,7 in.)

Pair of patinated bronze figures depicting Harlequin and Colombine, two famous characters in Commedia dell’Arte. Reposing on squared bases in form of wooden floor.


Paul Dubois (1827-1905) entered the Paris Beaux-Arts School in 1858. He exhibited at the 1865 Salon the Chanteur Florentin, illustrating Florentine sculpture, observed after his journey in Italy. This work, cast that time in silvered bronze, was exhibited at the 1867 Paris Universal Exhibition (now preserved at the Orsay museum). Dubois’ success brought him many commissions, both private (Portrait of Duc d’Aumale) and public (Jeanne d’Arc, in Reims). Appointed curator at the Luxembourg museum in 1873, Dubois became also a member of the Institute and finally headmaster at the Beaux-Arts School in 1878.


P. Kjellberg, Les bronzes du XIXe siècle. Dictionnaire des sculpteurs, éd. Amateur, Paris, 1989.

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