Beautiful chest-of-drawers « à ressaut »

Stamped L. Hautreux

Circa 1880

Height : 94 cm (37 in.) ; Width : 115 cm (45,3 in.) ; Depth : 52 cm (20,5 in.)

Elegant Transition style chest-of-drawers with a protruding front, beautifully veneered with rosewood in ailes de papillon underlined with Greek threads in green stained wood, all framed in amaranth veneer. Beautiful ornamentation in chiseled and gilded bronze of neoclassical inspiration on the angles, and cornucopias on the keyholes. It opens with one drawer on the belt and two large drawers without crosspiece. Surmounted by a « Fleur de pêcher » molded marble, it rests on four curved foliage feet ending with lion’s paws.

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Our chest-of-drawers is inspired by a model by the cabinet-maker Nicolas Petit during the 18th Century










Nicolas Petit is a French cabinet-maker born in May 31rd 1732 in Chaource and deceased in August 18th 1791 in Paris. Maître in 1761, he opened his workshop in the rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, under the name “Au Nom de Jésus”. He worked there for over thirty years, adapting to the evolution of the different styles of the 18th century and very quickly acquired great notoriety. His career began with refined Louis XV style curved chests of drawers, secretaries, desks, small tables, finely inlaid with flowering branches. With the appearance of “Greek taste” he was inspired by classical art for the decoration of his furniture. His Transition chests of drawers were often decorated with bronzes made of two urns surmounted by a drapery, others are inlaid with geometric patterns or flowers. In the Louis XVI style, he also made solid wood furniture that he adorned with lacquered panels or mosaics.


P. Kjellberg, Le Mobilier Français du XVIIIe siècle, Dictionnaire des Ebénistes et des Menuisiers, Editions de l’amateur, Paris, 1989, p. 645

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