Ref. 1224/71

Befort Jeune

(attributed to)

“Boulle” wall-side pedestal

Circa 1870

Height : 125 cm (49,2 in.) ; Width : 49,5 cm (19,5 in.) ; Depth : 27,5 cm (10,8 in.)

A Louis XIV style wall-side Ebony veneered pedestal, inlaid with a brass « Boulle » marquetry and mounted with gilt-bronze ornaments. Topped with « Brèche » marble.


From 1844 to 1880, Mathieu Befort (1816-c.1880) also named Befort The Young worked as a « Boulle » style furniture craftsman at Neuve-Saint-Gilles Street in Paris.

André-Charles Boulle (1642-1732) is considered to be the true inventor of 17th century French furniture. Soon after he was discovered by Colbert, Boulle became the « first cabinet-maker of the king », his full title being « architect, painter, mosaic sculptor, engraver, marquetry craftsman, and inventor of figures». Thus started for him the beginning of a period of great renown. With his royal privilege, Boulle was able to combine different activities usually restricted by corporations. Henceforth he worked as a master tortoiseshell and bronze marquetry craftsman, with such innovations as motifs both in the foreground and in the background. He also innovated by making a generous use of bronze, to decorate but also to protect the pieces of furniture. These innovations brought him fame throughout centuries.

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